The Secret Life of Us

January 12, 2017


Welcome to The Secret Zebra blog! We don’t talk much about our personal lives online, so we’re excited to give you a little peek into our world.


Let’s pretend we’re sitting at our kitchen table, coffee in hand, chatting about our lives and getting to know one another. Sound good? Good. (Thanks for coming over, by the way.) 



Our house is tucked away in historic Carrollton, Virginia. This rural town on the east coast is an up-and-comer, but it still clings to that old rustic charm that we love so much. 



Our house was built almost four years ago, with all the basic, builder-grade materials most people despise. But we wanted it that way! We knew we wanted to put in the work to give the house the character it deserves. More on that in a future post.




Let's start with my handsome husband Reuben.



By day, he’s an Emergency Department Physician Assistant, and let me tell you—he was MADE for this job. He’s smart, charming (he’ll never admit it) and has the bedside manner that would make Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman pale in comparison. When he’s not charming the socks off patients, he’s usually in our garage-turned-workshop or researching the latest and greatest tools and woodworking techniques online. He loves being outside—biking 100-mile centuries (crazy), hiking, skiing, etc. He’s a master at nearly everything he tries, but he’s the most humble guy you’ll meet. Smart, talented, and all mine.


Sorry for the brag-fest, folks. I just can’t help myself.




And I’m Katie, the artist behind The Secret Zebra, self-professed coffee snob and woodland creature lover.


© Amy Bare Photography


If you were sitting in my kitchen, like we’re imagining you are, you’d see animals—everywhere. Brass, ceramic, paper and cast iron. I don’t know if I have more animal décor or coffee mugs. It’s a tossup. And Reuben would probably say I have a problem. Besides my perfectly normal animal obsession, I’m a Marketing Consultant, and I get to work with all kinds of crazy-cool companies and help them with creative advertising and social media. I love a good (strong) cup of coffee, decorating, baking, drawing, puppy swarms (Google it), writing, good grammar and fantasy/sci-fi novels. Nerd much?




Now for the cutest member of our little family—Heidi.



She’s our sweet and always-excited-to-see-you goldendoodle (golden retriever and standard poodle mix) pup. Now three years old and a hefty 70 pounds, she’s docile, an absolute delight and spoiled to the core. She’s our baby.


If she could talk (I’m convinced she can), she’d tell you that her current favorite toy is her stuffed mouse that she got for Christmas. It squeaks weakly and has fluff oozing from its derriere, but she treats it like her own flesh and blood. And she loves bacon, cheese and apples. She has good taste.



Collectively, we’re a happy little family. We love Jesus, being creative, adventuring, eating and relaxing. Reuben and I are in our thirties and are both content hanging out at home on a Saturday night. Don’t judge. We know you do too.



Now that we’ve talked your ear off, we want to learn more about YOU! Tell us a little about yourself in a comment (and pass the sugar, please).





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