Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

February 24, 2017


There’s something so refreshing and inspiring about the changing seasons, don’t you think? Here in southeastern Virginia, the weather has been consistently warm lately which makes me think that spring is (hopefully) here to stay. And the milder temps have me itching to purge the clutter and freshen up our home.


When it comes to seasonal decor, I typically don’t go overboard. My goal is simply to breathe new life into a drab corner or add a splash of color here and there. I also try to be aware of my budget and choose pieces that can be used year-round.


With that in mind, here are a few inexpensive ways to refresh your home for spring.




Heidi modeling our neutral H&M pillow covers from last spring


Over the years, I’ve learned that stocking up on quality feather pillows and swapping out the covers is the way to go—especially if you’re a pillow "collector" like I am. My go-to place to buy pillow covers on the cheap? H&M. They’re inexpensive (some as low as $6!), on-trend and surprisingly durable.


Source: H&M


Some of my current favorites:


1. Tasseled Cushion Cover (here

2. Patterned Cushion Cover (here

3. Pompom-trimmed Cushion Cover (here)

4. Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover (here)





It's amazing what a brand new towel can do to liven up your kitchen. It's an easy, non-committal way to add a splash of color or bold design element to your home without spending a fortune.


My top picks:



1. Anthropologie Compagnon Dishtowel (here)

2. Anthropologie Beaudesert Tea Towel (here)

3. The Secret Zebra Tea Towel Set (here)





I used to think that once a piece of art was framed and hanging on the wall, it was there to stay. But in recent years, I’ve found that artwork is one of the simplest things to change with the seasons. Move it around the house. Lean it on a shelf instead of hanging it on a wall. Open the frame and switch out the artwork for something more seasonally appropriate. Use cork boards or clipboards to display art. Get creative!



Pelican Art Print from The Secret Zebra | Whale Art Print from Violette Tide Studios | Chesapeake Map Print from The Wild Wander


How do you decorate for spring? Share in a comment!


P.S. Stay tuned for a blog post where I’ll share some of my all-time favorite artists. You’re in for a treat!



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