My Current Color Crush: Indigo

March 14, 2017


Do you ever go shopping for clothes or home décor and get up to the cash register only to find that everything in your cart is beautifully (yet unintentionally) coordinated? This happens to me all the time, and it’s almost always unplanned. Maybe it’s a mood thing. Or maybe it’s just really stellar marketing on the store’s part. Either way, I love seeing the color schemes that emerge from my shopping habits. And today, I realized that there’s a very lovely theme popping up on my retail radar lately—indigo.



I’ve been crushing on indigo for several years now, but lately I’ve been crushing hard. Dramatic and fresh with just a splash of femininity, it's an easy color to fall in love with. And these recent indigo finds work so beautifully together:


Source: Yao Cheng Design


Whimsical and playful are the words that immediately sprang to mind when I saw this pillow cover from Yao Cheng Design. (I need!)


Source: Home of DODO


This stunning watercolor by Home of DODO has everything—feathers, flowers and all the right colors. Perhaps it's a little more periwinkle than indigo, but does it really matter? Nope. Not at all.


Source: Methodical Coffee | Artwork: Annie Koelle


If this coffee bag alone doesn't turn you into a coffee drinker, I don't know what will. It's a piece of art. Isn't it?


Source: Anthropologie 


Over the last year, I've been ever-so-slowly adding pieces of this Anthropologie dish set to my dinnerware collection. (I have no words.)


 Source: Hygge & West


Wallpaper has officially made a comeback, and I'm so glad it has. And if anyone is doing it right, it's Hygge & West. This deep indigo wallpaper (fittingly called "Daydream") is what dreams are made of.


Indigo, my friend, I'm smitten.



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